Lawson + Lawson represents both individuals and companies in the area of employee movement and trade-secret consultation and litigation. Our attorneys have significant experience and expertise in this rapidly evolving and red-hot area of the law.  We have litigated cases involving the UTSA, the federal Defending Trade Secrets Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and state computer access statutes, industrial espionage, restrictive covenants including non-compete clauses, unfair competition, confidentiality provisions, and non-disclosure agreements, alleged breaches of fixed-term employment contracts, and alleged breaches of fiduciary duties.

We advise companies on best practices for protecting their proprietary information, business plans, innovations, and processes, as well as transitioning new employees into their business in a way that minimizes risk. We also work with businesses in drafting employment agreements that are effective and capable of withstanding legal challenges.

We also regularly advise executives who are considering leaving one employer for another. We help our clients understand the various risks involved in, and traps to avoid when, making such a move. We work with them on timing, messaging, disclosures, and negotiations. We also help untangle and interpret the often opaque provisions contained in employment contracts and restrictive covenants so that employees can make informed and reasoned decisions about moving their careers forward.

We have particular expertise in fixed-term employment agreements within the entertainment industry.  We have a deep understanding of how motion picture and television studios use these contracts to constrain employment movement and thereby depress compensation levels.  We have counseled executives regarding every major studio contract used in the industry, have assisted executives in extricating themselves from fixed-term industry contracts, and have successfully litigated claims involving those contacts.